About Green String Farm

A field at Green String Farm, with the rolling hills of Petaluma in the background

Green String is a 140 acre farm, with 50-60 acres in cultivation, in Petaluma, CA. The farm produces vegetables and fruits for a number of restaurants in the Bay Area, and maintains a farm store year-round. While the farm is not certified organic, we hold ourselves to sustainability standards that we believe well exceed organic standards.

Green String Philosophy

Green String is the act of farming sustainably and naturally so that we provide a healthy future for generations to enjoy. Sustainability in the farming context is defined as healthy, local, socially responsible, simple living and control. We make every effort to reduce soil erosion, pesticide dependency, loss of biodiversity, resistance to natural predators, and other harmful ecological impact. We create a self-nourishing system where less human intervention yields better quality crops.

Green String Farmers are extremely acute to the needs of the plants. Soil management techniques include crop rotation, cover crops and composting that aid in enriching concentration of vitamins and minerals in the soil. In addition to their nutritional benefits, sustainably grown food is produced without possibly endangering public health. Green String Farmers typically improve their surroundings by preserving green space, protecting the soils, conserving scarce resources, providing habitat for wildlife, and stimulating the local economy. They also strive to prevent the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria, the spread of food-borne pathogens, the release of toxic pesticides into the environment, and contamination of our air and water with harmful pollutants.

For more information, read about our farming practices.

Our napa cabbage patch

Our History

Bob Cannard and Fred Cline, united under many similar eco-friendly farming philosophies, founded Green String Farm in 2003. Cannard is a small-scale farmer well-known for providing produce to Alice Waters' Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley. Cline owns Cline Cellars and Jacuzzi Family Vineyards and oversees hundreds of acres of vineyards.

The Green String Farm Store opened in 2006 to make our produce available to the public.

Green String People

inside the farm store

Bob Cannard

Bob Cannard has been farming sustainably for 30 years. His father was a nurseryman and, though he was brought up to accept pesticides as a normal part of gardening, he has since repudiated the use of synthetic chemicals. He has long been an important member of the sustainable food movement in Northern California.

Fred Cline

On summer visits to his grandparents when he was young, Fred learned both the love of agricultural life and the mysteries of vinifying grapes into wine. He founded Cline Cellars in 1982, and has been growing his grapes the Green String way since 2000.